We provide the highest quality weight loss, energy & performance nutritional products & systems available.

Our weight loss, energy & performance programs are
supported by nutritional information to ensure easy lifestyle integration of healthy choices.
Featured Products:

Meal Replacement Shake

280 Calories & 24 grams undernatured whey protein. Contains both prebiotics & probiotics, digestive enzymes & superfoods.
• Stimulates fat burning
• Increases metabolism for safe & effective weight loss
• Helps cleanse & detoxify the body
• Builds & maintains lean muscle

Hydration Mix

AMPED Hydrate: Enriched electrolytes, vitamin C plus a full B-Complex
beverage. Glycogen blend of fast-absorbing carbs for performance. No
artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Superior hydration drink.

Energy Drink

E+ Shot: A Proprietary adaptogenic herb and vegetable blend for combating stress and boosting energy! Naturally sourced caffeine (green tea and yerba mate), clean energy with no crash, won’t leave you feeling jittery and is all natural.

Adaptogenic Tea

240 grams adaptogenic tea blend: Contains 27 adaptogenic herbs, natural
mood stabilizer. Helps aid in reducing sugary cravings, decreases
cellular sensitivity to stress and helps jumpstart your metabolism and
supports your adrenal glands.

Whey Protein

36 grams undernatured whey protein. A superior
branched-chain amino acid profile to boost muscle growth & maintenance. Low-glycemic with energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats & filling fiber.



Our energy systems offer:

• Proprietary adaptogenic herb and vegetable blend for combating stress
• Features a full branched-chain amino acid profile
• Builds and maintains lean muscle
• Enhances performance; helps you recover faster

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Weight Loss

Our weight loss systems offer:

• Helps cleanse and detoxify the body on a cellular level
• Builds and maintains lean muscle
• Increases metabolism for safe and effective weight loss
• Supports overall health, including cardiovascular, brain, cellular, and immune systems

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Our performance systems offer:

• Features highest quality protein: under-natured whey protein concentrate
• Provide fruit and vegetable extracts to support nitric oxide production
• Delivers branched-chain amino acids, which trigger muscle protein synthesis
• Helps you stay hydrated and focused with enriched electrolytes, vitamin C plus a full B-Complex


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NEW!  Our most straightforward and efficient program:

The One Month Transformation

A simple, effective 31-Day Nutrition & Education Program

Replace a meal and learn how to achieve your goals for less than $4 per day!

What’s Included:
+ 1 daily Meal Replacement Shake
+ Easy-to-incorporate healthy options to achieve wellness goals
+ Nutrition Information

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